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    The 199th BSC Grand Reunion was a success. Thanks to our dynamic batch mates who have painstakingly took the risk of organizing such a remarkable event. For sure, it’sa great loss for those who did not make it which I believe have their own valid reason for their absence.  

    Well what can I say, it has been a decade and yet here we are, stronger than before. As we take our different paths on this walk of life, still we managed to oversee the welfare of ourcomrades-in-arms. The reunion help me realized the very essence of being a member of the so called 199th BSC. The pride of wearing the black polo shirt while exchanging tales with fellow 199th has left a thought on my head  “Yeah! I’m still lucky, I’m still here”. Yes of course, my prayersgoes for our fallen batch mates, may all your souls Rest In Peace.  

    Yeah, let’s get back to the reunion, it started with sharing of decade stories that has been kept in a Baul.  Hahaha, I can’t stop laughing reminiscing those days in training, my stupidity, sense of humor and of course some kindness (honestly I do have some, hehehe). We laughed at each other’s stories and then a formal election of class officers followed after.  Of course we drink till drunk, ate till last and party..  party…  party.

    Whoahh, what a night to remember. But that is not the reason why I wrote this. What I really wanted to know is where  are you 199? What are you doing 199? What are you waiting for 199? Stop the nonsense, stop the mockery, it’s time to rebuild the class, step up and Be Counted.  Hooyahhhh.


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Para sa 199! Ako ang simula! Be Counted! Hooyahhh...


December 7, 2010 at 5:50 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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it is so nice to see u all happy.....

January 3, 2011 at 3:37 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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